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 Program Description


Bridge to Career is a summer program offered by Texas A&M University through the Center on Disability and Development. The goal of Bridge to Career is to acclimate students to college living with training that includes transportation, dorm living, and connecting to disability services on campus and in the community to support them living and working independently. This program prepares new college students to effectively navigate college prior to their first semester to assist them in avoiding pitfalls related to communication, organization, resource knowledge and mental and physical stamina.

The curriculum topics include:

  • self-determination

  • professionalism

  • assistive technology use

  • technology use (i.e. computers and word processing software)

  • social skills

  • effective communication skills

  • time management

  • problem solving and critical thinking strategies

  • how to access natural supports

  • independent living skills

Participants attend class in the mornings in a whole group format. The small group trainings in the afternoon are provided in the community with assistance from our program partner, Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living. Students are provided hands on learning opportunities to develop their independent living skills which also translate in to useful skills to support them throughout their college coursework and on the job. The students are housed on campus in dorms for 26-28 days, are provided access to free laundry facilities. Additionally, students are provided 3 meals a day for the 26-28 days. Students have access to the on campus recreation facility and are supported weekly to attend events in the community.

Purchase orders for the Summer will be submitted via email to The recommended submission deadline is in May. 

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